With more than 10 years of experience working in events for adults, we offer you a magical and entertaining show for the public to enjoy from beginning to end. there are 2 possibilities to present the service:

CLOSE UP MAGIC: The close up magic is the incredible direct contact between the magician and the spectators, where the magic happens a few inches away, producing real miracles before the eyes of the guests; this type of magic can be performed table by table in the case of a new year's eve dinner or as a reception between the groups attending your event.

PARLOUR OR STAGE MAGIC: Entertainment show based on magic routines where the public is always involved in the illusion and humor that develop during the show. In the staging, guests can see magic with professional and very colorful devices, such as our flying table and flower or Sparkular Pro sparks, which always add to the show. Thinking about massive events, we have the possibility of making a great unique illusion in the north of Chile, magically appearing to a dancer, the entertainer or the person that the client deems convenient. The interaction with the public and the humor adapted for the occasion are the perfect seasoning for our show.


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